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• 8/26/2016

21 Pilots hand art

If you search for images of "21 pilots hand art" on google, you'll find a hand painted with 4 symbols on the fingers.... I need to find out what these symbols mean, can somebody help me?

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• 8/27/2016

those are all replicas of various tattoos that Tyler Joseph has. he will only share the symbolism of these in person and requests that the meaning is not shared on the internet. we only know the meaning of one of the tattos and that is the square "C" with an X through it which both members of the band have as a tribute to their hometown of Columbus Ohio.

• 12/24/2016
Btw it's twenty one pilots not "21 pilots"
• 2/12/2018
21 PiLoTSSS it is either T.O.P or twenty one pilots
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