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Chemical Days
• 6/29/2018

Two new songs may have been leaked


People at the Twenty One Pilots subreddit have discovered two new songs set for 2018, titled "Nino And The Niners" and "Jumpsuit", listed on the PPL UK Repertoire Search website. The singles have since also been discovered on other ISRC databases.

Now, as this Wiki aims to provide accurate information about the band, as a precautionary measure to avoid potential misinformation (as this may end up being an error on PPL's part), I am urging editors to ***refrain from creating articles for the two new songs until further confirmation from the band themselves or Fueled by Ramen.*** Failure to do so will result in a warning/ban (depending on the offense) and immediate deletion of any articles made. I know the hiatus has been nagging the clique for months now and we all just want the band to finally release the new album after all the dmaorg.info stuff, but I do wish for everyone's patience.
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Chemical Days
• 6/29/2018
• 6/30/2018
Omg yes
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