Blurryface Live is an album released by Twenty One Pilots in November 2016. It is available only in vinyl. The album is 18 tracks long, featuring live versions of songs from the albums Blurryface, Vessel, and a melody of songs from Twenty One Pilots.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Side
1. Heavydirtysoul (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
2. Stressed Out (Blurryface Live Joseph ?
3. Guns For Hands (Blurryface Live) Joseph ?
4. Migraine (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
5. Polarize (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
6. We Don't Believe What's On TV(Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
7. The Judge(Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
8. Lane Boy (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
9. Melody Mashup Tyler Joseph ?
10. Doubt (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
11. Message Man(Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
12. Holding on to You (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
13. Ride (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
14. The Run And GO (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
15. Tear In My Heart (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
16. Car Radio (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
17. Goner (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
18. Trees (Blurryface Live) Tyler Joseph ?
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