No Phun Intended is an album by Tyler Joseph. The release was available on his PureVolume account until 2015. The album was recorded in Joseph's senior year of high school, from 2007–2008, in his basement as a solo project. One of the songs from the release, "Save", was redone and released temporarily as a free download on Twenty One Pilots' official website before it was later pulled. Many lyrics and some whole songs from the album have been redone and released on Twenty One Pilots albums. These include the song, "Trees", which was redone and released as a track on both Regional At Best and Vessel. Contrary to popular belief "I'm A Goner" was not on the album, but instead was a stand alone video put on the official Twenty One Pilots YouTube channel. The tracks "Chords/Words" and "I'm A Goner" are simply filler tracks; this is because the original album did not have a 15th or 18th track, the numbering just skipped them.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. Blasphemy Tyler Joseph 3:38
2. Drown Joseph 3:37
3. Hole In The Ground Joseph 3:53
4. Save Joseph 4:02
5. Taken By Sleep Joseph 4:12
6. I Want To Know Joseph 3:18
7. Just Like Yesterday Joseph 3:29
8. Never Change Joseph 3:04
9. Prove Me Wrong Joseph 3:39
10. Realize That It's Gone Joseph 3:24
11. Tonight Joseph 3:57
12. Falling Too Joseph 3:17
13. Whisper Joseph 3:56
14. TB Saga Joseph 6:22
15. Chords/Words (Filler Track) Joseph Unknown
16. Trees Joseph 4:20
17. Where Did We Go Joseph 3:24
18. I'm A Goner (Filler Track) Joseph 2:07
19. Hear Me Now Joseph 3:27