​There are several unreleased tracks produced by twenty one pilots. 

​Unreleased Demos

Three demos surfaced on the internet.

Untitled 2011 Demo

This demo, made in 2011. hasn't proved to sound like any song currently released. It came off of the Regional at Best webseries teaser.

Untitled 2013 Demo

This demo, made in 2013, has been rumored to become "Doubt" or "Hometown". 


This demo came off of the Regional At Best webseries video Korea: 2012.

​Alternate Versions

Only two songs have known alternate versions not released on an album.

Air Catcher

The original appeared on the 2009 self-titled release.


This is rumored to be a demo version made during the Regional At Best era.

​Hidden Songs

I Need Something

This 32 second song clip surfaced in 2012 which was made back in the Regional At Best era.

Out-of-Print Songs

The songs on this list currently no longer have any official physical or digital releases left. 9 of these songs are from Regional at Best, while the rest are from No Phun Intended.

RAB Out-of-Print

No Phun Intended