Vessel (Bonus Track Version) is a special version of the third (first studio) album released by the musical duo Twenty One Pilots. It contains 6 bonus tracks that the original version did not include, including tracks from the discontinued album Regional at Best, and live tracks from the LC Pavilion. It was released on January 8, 2013, in the UK and Japan.

Number Track Length Writers
1. Ode To Sleep 5:08
2. Holding On To You 4:23
3. Migraine 3:59
4. House of Gold 2:43
5. Car Radio 4:27
6. Semi-Automatic 4:14
7. Screen 3:49
8. The Run And Go 3:49
9. Fake You Out 3:51
10. Guns for Hands 4:33
11. Trees 4:27
12. Truce 2:22
13. Glowing Eyes 4:26
14. Kitchen Sink 5:34
15. Lovely 4:18
16. Forest 4:06
17. The Pantaloon (Live from the LC Pavilion) 3:41
18. House of Gold (Live from the LC Pavilion) 3:00

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